"Global Yashiro" contributes for comfortable life and global

From residential products, railway vehicles to aircraft, medical equipment, environmental equipment, FRP products have gradually replaced metal products, and even reached the field that?metal products can not be applied, enriching?the lives of people all over the world. Our?company?founded in 1954 was attracted by the charm of?composite materials (FRP, C-FRP, RIM etc). Our company continuously uses technical capabilities to explore the possibility of?composite materials.Combined with excellent production management system,our company has rapidly?developed?overseas business?and?met the requirements of the times. With the long-term accumulation of high technology in the environment (wind power windmill), automobile (CFRP paets,carbody for EV),our company has made a great contribution to enriching the ?human life and the future of the environment all over the world. As a global company?in the field of composite materials, in order to maintain the company's leading position,all?the staff of our company are working hard?together.At the same time we?hope?that we can?get your support and supervision.

President Yoshiaki Hashimoto